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Bing Goes The Internet


Though I am not a die hard Google fan, I usually use Google whenever I need to search for something, and I take advantage of a few of the services they offer like Gmail and their online calendar.  Lately though, I’ve been a bit intrigued with Microsoft’s revamped Live Search, Bing.  I’ve been frequently jumping back and forth between Google and Bing to compare search results, especially when I have trouble finding something.

So far, I’ve been pretty impressed with Bing – it almost always returns just about everything I would find on Google, and the image and video search function on Bing is actually a cut above those found on Google.  And though I do enjoy the simplicity of the Google landing page, which is one of the reasons why I think it became so popular in the first place, I do find myself drawn to the Bing landing as well; they almost always have a beautiful image on display, and the fact boxes you can mouse over are usually interesting.

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Bing has been running a contest over the last few weeks, in order to help them find a jingle for the site.  The contest simply asked people to record their idea for a jingle, and then submit it to the Bing YouTube page, where the winner would be chosen based on number of views and quality of rating.  The winner was crowned yesterday, and while the video is odd and slightly disturbing, I have to admit – the song is kind of catchy.  Catchy in the way that the simple tune gets stuck in your head for about an hour after viewing.  Behold the winning video (after the break):

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Wassup 2008

My boss sent me the link to this video earlier today.  Remember the old Anheuser-Busch “Waaasssuuuup?” commercials from 2000?  This is an update to those classic ads, but with a better message to push.

I actually thought the last bit was somewhat touching.  After all the laughs of the first section, it’s a solemn and smart note to end on.  It’s funny how big a difference 8 years can make, huh?